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Went to Elbe’s in Wheaton Friday to pick up an oil can of Fosters and a stack of PowerBall Quick Picks when I met the owner of this Dodge Dart Swinger.  All original paint, vinyl and interior, bought from a retired couple who couldn’t handle it any longer…or so he said.  The owner and I talked a lot of cubic inches and horsepower and how cheap labor was ruining his cabinetry business.  I mentioned I liked the paint color.

I Don’t Think That’s How It Works


Great day at Target yesterday.  Found this Easter Egg under the hood of a Stok grill.  Adorable 70s drawings, sure, and the text was superb.  Jesus is your best friend, unless you’re a dirty shameful sinner (and we all are).  Repent your evil ways, the little girl narrator says, surrounded by happy woodland animals, and He will love you in the Kingdom of Heaven.

I’m pretty sure that’s not how friendship works.